Social Media Marketing Tips to Integrate With Current SEO Strategies

Social media spending is on the rise. In fact, the Compound Annual Growth Rate for social media IT spending is expected to increase by approximately 22% from 2015 to 2019. You might wonder, however, if your Las Vegas, NV business can justify the expenditure. Should you invest in SM marketing services?

What a Strong Social Media Presence Does for a Brand

If you are new to using social media, you might think it is a fad. However, many more people seem to be relying on Facebook rather than the Better Business Bureau and Consumer Reports for business reviews. The likes, reviews and comments you have on your social media pages will establish your credibility more so than other venues. This will result in more leads and sales.

Benefits of a Successful Social Media Strategy

You can reap the rewards of a successful social media campaign. It just requires frequent post scheduling and regular interaction with your followers.

When a social media strategy is executed directly, it has these benefits:

• It increases customer retention in recent buyers.
• Your target audience will remember your business name.
• The likes and shares will rank your SM content higher in search engines.
• It expands your word of mouth audience that includes friends of friends.
• You can establish trust within your favorite online communities.

How to Integrate SEO into Social Media

Using SEO along with posting relevant content boosts your ranking within social media sites. It also causes your status messages to rise to the top of search engine result pages. One way to accomplish this is to add keywords to your timeline posts. Adding hashtags (#) to words that describe your social media content also can help in reaching your target audience.

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